Mass customization approach: individual planning and serial production

In the beginning, we have a project oriented planning process and digital objects based on our digital construction system, in the end we have industrialized, prefabricated components for the construction of a project. In between all processes are steered in a user friendly and data based solution.

How it works: The architectural design is optimized and planning and construction processes are programmed automatically thanks to intelligent algorithms. Then, the design elements can be handed over to a precast plant, where massive pieces of concrete are being built. Our system of digital construction objects contains all attributes that are necessary for a BIM supported planning and construction process. Hence, 5D/6D processes are easily realized with low effort.

Our difference: one platform for all use cases

DIPLAN provides digital precast modules for shell and fitting-out stored in our module library. The objects are equipped with all needed attributes and can be imported to REVIT. We substitute complexity of planning and construction thanks to tailormade, consistent systems that are connected to our supply chain partnerships. The advantages: ready to use, less risk of conflicts, and more certainty to meet time, cost, and quality standards.