Mass customization approach: individual planning and serial production

DIPLAN digitizes the processes in the planning and construction phase with tools developed in-house, which considerably reduce complexity and lead to a higher degree of reliability in the dimensions of time, budget and quality. The process begins with object-oriented planning and ends with the industrial prefabrication of components. In between, all processes are controlled in a data-based and user-friendly manner.

Our DIPLANNER algorithm creates optimal building variants on a selected construction site.

The DIPLAN Building System has all the attributes required for the BIM-supported planning and construction process. All DIPLAN walls and ceilings can be ordered as ready-to-assemble prefabricated parts from the end of 2020.

DIPLAN BIM Management coordinates your BIM projects from the development of project-specific AIAs to monthly BIM labs with the involvement of all specialist planners, who transparently present the temporal and qualitative progress of their projects using the building model.